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How Much Does A Grab Hire Lorry Cost In West Sussex#

Are you in need of a grab lorry service in West Sussex? Things get complicated when you're dealing with a pile of waste materials, and you need to haul them to landfills. There are different ways you can dispose of your waste, but hiring a grab lorry put you in the best position to handle the problem.

At Skip Hire West Sussex, we offer exceptional grab hire services, with a range of options that fit your waste management needs. We know that every project or event comes with a unique set of challenges, that's why we tailor our services to meet your needs. In this post, we'll take a closer look at grab lorries, and how much it costs to hire one in West Sussex.

What Is A Grab Lorry?##

A grab lorry is a type of truck used for transporting construction materials and waste from construction sites. The truck has an open-top and a hydraulic arm with a grab bucket that can pick up various types of waste, including hardcore, soil, stone, and other materials. The grab lorry is a versatile and efficient solution for large quantities of waste, and it's an ideal option for sites with limited access.

Why You Need A Grab Lorry##

Hiring a grab lorry is an excellent option for managing waste materials from different sources. If you're managing a construction site, renovation project, or house clearance, you will need a grab lorry to dispose of your waste.

A grab lorry can handle materials that may be difficult to dispose of using conventional methods. The lorry can pick up waste from areas that may be inaccessible to other types of vehicles, reducing manual labor and costs associated with waste removal.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Grab Lorry Hire In West Sussex##

The cost of hiring a grab lorry in West Sussex may vary, depending on several factors. Here are some factors that may affect the cost of hiring a grab lorry:

Type Of Waste Material###

The type of waste material you need to dispose of plays a significant role in determining the cost of hiring a grab lorry. Hazardous or specialized waste materials require extra handling and disposal, which translates into higher costs. Waste materials such as soil, hardcore and rubble typically cost less to dispose of than hazardous or specialist waste such as asbestos.

Quantity Of Waste###

The amount of waste you need to dispose of also affects the cost of hiring a grab lorry. The more the waste you have, the more load capacity you will need, which translates to a higher cost of disposal. That means a larger truck or multiple loads may be required to remove all of your waste materials.

Distance To Travel###

Another factor that determines the cost of grab lorry hire in West Sussex is the distance to travel. The longer the distance, the higher the charge per mile, and it may impact the overall cost of the service you require.


The duration of the hire period also influences the cost of grab lorry services. The longer the hire period, the higher the cost. However, at Skip Hire West Sussex, we offer competitive rates for your grab lorry hire services.

Cost Of Hiring A Grab Lorry In West Sussex##

The cost of hiring a grab lorry in West Sussex varies depending on the factors mentioned above. It's essential to consider the factors before you choose a grab hire company in West Sussex.

At Skip Hire West Sussex, our grab lorry hire services start from 180 + VAT, and the average cost of our grab lorry service is between 300 and 400 per day. We offer a range of options, from single loads to contracts that cater to your waste management needs.

Why Choose Skip Hire West Sussex?##

At Skip Hire West Sussex, we are a professional grab hire company in West Sussex, serving residents with top-notch waste management solutions. Our grab lorry service is an excellent solution for all your construction waste needs, and we offer a range of options to suit your requirements.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. We have a team of certified and experienced drivers who are committed to delivering the best service, and we use the latest equipment and technologies to ensure your waste is disposed of safely and efficiently.

How To Contact Skip Hire West Sussex##

To learn more about our grab hire services, or to request a quote, you can contact us via our phone number 01243 933073 or by emailing us at [email protected]. You can also visit our website at to explore our services and get a quote.


Hiring a grab lorry is an excellent option for managing waste materials from different sources in West Sussex. The cost of hiring a grab lorry depends on several factors, including the type and quantity of waste material, distance to travel and duration of the service. At Skip Hire West Sussex, we offer affordable and reliable grab hire services, and we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service to all our clients. Contact us today for all your waste management needs.

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